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Umut Benzer

Software Engineer, MSc. in Berlin

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Web Frontend Security: Episode 1

Free Unsecured Airport Wifi Free Unsecured Airport Wifi   In this post series, I'll explain some of the most common attack methods used on web frontend and how to take precautions to prevent them. It contains an overview of frontend security related things that every web developer needs to know by heart. I will explain terms like XSS, CSRF, clickjacking, CSP, HSTS, JWT, HTTP-Only Cookies.

In this particular post, I'll focus on the security issues that are caused by improperly established secure transport. So let's get started!

A different way of passing parameters in JavaScript via ES6 Object Destructuring

JS Logo JS Logo   One of the annoyances I have about JavaScript is parameter passing. You depend on a parameter order to pass things into a function. Let me give an example to explain what I mean. Following example is created to make a point and not necessarily a good design. 😃


Let's say I have a function named recommendPosts. This function will accept some parameters and calculate the best 10 posts of a blog using only the parameters provided.